Tervetuloa mukaan Euroopan laajuiseen taide kilpailuun

Taiteen Sulattamo ry on osa GAMIAN-Europea, eli Eurooppalaista mielenterveyspotilasjärjestöä.

taidekilpailu My heART

Maailman taidepäivänä 15.4.2022 eurooppalainen mielenterveyden kattojärjestö GAMIAN-Europe avaa ensimmäisen Euroopan laajuisen taidekilpailun My heART 🎨Kilpailun tarkoituksena on avata keskustelua ja lisätä tietoisuutta mielenterveydestä taiteen keinoin. Kilpailuun voivat osallistua ihmiset, joilla on mielenterveystaustaa ja kuuluvat johonkin jäsenjärjestöön. Kilpailusta kiinnostuneille suosittelemme osallistumaan GAMIAN-Europen järjestämään webinaariin 29.3.2022. Kilpailu on kansainvälinen joten Webinaari toteutetaan Englannin kielellä. Lisätietoa kilpailukriteereistä ja aikataulusta luvassa webinaarissa.
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the same in english

We are happy to announce that on World Art Day15 April, GAMIAN-Europe will launch its first European-wide Art contest: My heART!

The contest is aimed at people with a lived experience of mental ill health and belong to one of our member associations.

Participants will be asked to submit from one to three visual art pieces and at the end of the contest, a jury consisting of experts by experience and artists will award three winners.

This contest is part of a larger project designed to:

  • Raise awareness of mental ill health through creativity a non-verbal communication, with a view to help initiate dialogue with people affected by mental health conditions and bring them closer to the general public
  • Amplify the voice of people with a lived experience of mental ill health through art, giving visibility to their works and making them accessible to a wider, transnational and European audience
  • Create greater collaboration with the member associations of GAMIAN-Europe through the direct involvement of the patients they represent

Prior to launching the contest, GAMIAN-Europe would like to invite you to its Members’ Webinar on 29 March, 13:00 – 14:00 CET.

During this meeting we will provide you with more information about the contest, eligibility criteria, prizes and other elements of the project such as the virtual art exhibition and the social media campaign.

Global Alliance of Mental Illness Advocacy Networks-Europe

About GAMIAN-Europe

Global Alliance of Mental Illness Advocacy Networks-Europe (GAMIAN-Europe), is a patient-driven pan-European organisation, representing and advocating the interests and rights of persons affected by mental ill health. Its main activities relate to advocacy, information, awareness-raising and education and partnership and capacity building. Overarching themes in our work relate to anti-stigma and discrimination and patients’ rights.

GAMIAN-Europe was established in 1998 as a representative coalition of patient organisations as it was felt that patients can and should play an effective and complementary role in developing positive and proactive policies and other initiatives with an impact on mental health issues and services.

Mental health is a matter of increasing importance to all of us. Everybody knows somebody that has some form of mental health problem. Some of us cope with the ups and downs of life well; others, on the other hand develop a mental illness. This can happen to any
of us: mental health concerns us all.