What we do?

The Taiteen Sulattamo association exists to increase prosperity through art. 

Taiteen Sulattamo is an association open to all and individuals are welcome regardless of age, gender or diagnosis.

Taiteen Sulattamo organises a number of different art workshops focusing on the processes of performing arts. From themes that occur in workshops we choose a topic that our participants want to process. We involve the participants in every part of the process. Within the chosen theme we then create a professionally produced art project. The process increases day-to-day management skills and the quality of life of the participants by engagement, involvement and expression.

Commitment towards a common purpose – in this case an art project – and working as equals with professional artists has an invaluable impact on individuals in recovery. 

An additional to our operations is our engagement in development projects which create new innovations utilising arts methods in well-being and mental healthcare. These projects are funded by the Social and healthcare ministry of Finland.

Two performers sitting at the edge of the stage. Other one is looking the other with their shoes on hands.

– development project

Art based experts by experience training programme
“Experts by Experience = people with lived experience of mental illness
There is rich evidence showing that people who have experience of using mental health services are uniquely placed to help plan and develop those services in the future.  Service users and their carers are ideally placed to educate and de-stigmatise the issue of mental health one person

The project develops art methods that experts by experience specialists utilise as a support in their storytelling. 

During the 3-year project we develop, test and train using the methods with selected groups of people whom have a background of different  mental illnesses. The methods can be applied to other areas as well, once the development process has been finalised.

Art can help to build an understanding as a more sensual form of communication than just words. Crisis experiences can be difficult to put into rational words for a person who has not experienced anything like it.

When it comes to internal experience, the words may often seem more or less plain and cursory to the receiver.

– development project


Mikaela Mansikkala is sitting in the left chair looking at Kulttuurin verso mascot raising their hand engaging with conversation


Art based peer support

The project develops a peer support educational programme and operating model which utilises applied arts.

The project will create networks and model practices to enable peer instructors (tutors) to operate. The educational programme and operating model is based on recovery orientation and sociocultural learning theory.




An organisation of Year 2016 issued by Tukilinja 

(Tukilinja is a Finnish magazine focused on disability-issues. The magazine has been published since 1996)


Eveliina Lafghani (CO of Taiteen Sulattamo) 

The mental health nurse of the  year 2018 

Issued by SMTHL Suomen mielenterveyshoitoalan liitto ry


Vuoden Pomppu 2019 / The mental health association of the year

Issued by MTKL Mielenterveyden keskusliitto (Union of mental health organizations in Finland)